Welcome! Are you new to CSRA Junior Tennis? You will find some information in the Newcomer’s Guide created by our local league coordinators. We will have more here soon.

Carolyn Drake is our JTT coordinator. You can contact her at: c.drake1240@comcast.net.

Congratulations to the following teams that are going to the State Championships:

  • 12U Int. PRC Panthers,   Captain – Jesse Thomas
  • 14U Int. PRC Piranhas,  Captain – Michelle Lyons
  • 14U Adv.  PRC Powers,  Captain – Viet Nguyen
  • 18U Int. PRC Poachers,  Captaain – David Arrington

CSRA Fall Junior Team Tennis Championship Year 2018

  • August 7-21: team registration
    • 3-6 players per team, mixed gender

JTT Format

Each Player is guaranteed a minimum of two matches.

  1. Each player plays a minimum of one singles and one doubles match. If time permits, more matches can be played.
    1. Three kids per team are playing in each round.
  2. Minimum team number is 4 maximum is 6. All teams will be mixed gender.
  3. Scoring:
    1. 8U – 10 minute matches
    2. 10U – 20 minute matches
    3. 12U – 18U 30 minute matches
  4. A group warmup will be for 5 to 10 minutes before the matches begin. No warmups before
    each match.
  5. Ratings: All players will have a rating. The Pros can assist in this procedure.
  6. By requiring a rating it does not matter if same gender or mixed gender play against each
    other’ It will be up to the captains to decide on opponents for each match using ratings.
    All of the same age group will play at the same facility. This way if a team is short players,
    they can use a player from another team.
  7. Finally the goal for this season is to get as many kids as possible to play tennis and offer a
    format that gives them plenty of play against different competition

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